This is sad to watch.

Lightfingersto Everyone

Dunccan: Your bluff blew up in your face. It happens. Trying to further justify it just makes you look more incompetent. Time to face it, man. You were once a somebody here in Avalon, but those days are gone. It's just embarrassing now.

Clara: I would suggest you take the high road on this one. Bickering like this brings the collective IQ of the entire land down with every post. Win graciously.

Sulisia: Why chide Clara for trying to influence young Warriors in the same way Dunccan tries to influence everyone on the entire continent? Why silence her for speaking her mind while allowing others to go about spreading the same crap?

Reality check, people: THIS is exactly why this realm is no longer a popular destination. THIS is why there, like, 20 active players, some of which are likely alts anyways.

I know I was always a better talker than player and you'll just say I write in bitterness because I couldn't make it in a game without nice cosy rules and easy comfortable ways to hide. And this will likely get deleted anyway because the truth hurts, but on the off chance it's not I wouldn't bother replying to me directly. I'll be off playing one of those easier MUDs. For free!

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1344.