Silly Girl!.

Lets see if I can put this so you and the slow witted Tempre can understand.

1) Under Your rule as opposed to Orielles you have brought a pretty active city to the brink of ghost town status.

2) If I were to pass leadership of the guild to your Warrior alternate I am quite afraid it would go back to what it was when I first took it over, empty, whats more, no insult to the GM who took over the guild after me but there was not a SINGLE squire in the entire year I was gone. I am sorry I cannot in good conscience pass leadership of the guild to a lazy and self serving thief.

3) You are absolutely and completely useless, the whole posturing and ranting and raving wasa merely to get conflict flowing, Nobody likes to read a dull book, so I am going to let you in on a little secret, 95% of everything I post on this thing is intended to entertain me. The outcomes, the fights, the ego everything. Sometimes it entertains others but mostly I find it fun. You took it too far by actually killing my men

4) You took it too far, you should have at least waited till I actually tried to siege something you would think you would get a clue that I was bluffing I didn{t ACTUALY go straight for the south west barracks or the secret barracks or do you forget I had the barracks you use today built.

5) You wanted your win against me, you wanted something that you did to be better than me, well you beat me, and by beating me Parrius lost, you are the selfish one, you are the childish one, you are a bug abusing chit of a wench Parrius is the worse for you.

I had high hopes for you once Clara, but you betrayed your friends meaning Ithikul and Sajora, you betrayed everything in order to grasp at what little power you can, I remember you posturing up and down how you didnt want first mariner, but then you didnt oath ithikul either. You are a liar, a bad friend, and what is worse, boring.

Post whatever else you want, I will only respond with issue challenge tempre/clara and enjoy the resounding silence preceding the clarion call to single combat.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 1344.