your pet.

Dearest Clara,

I gave you ample chance to pay reperations to the guild for using me and it as a bargaining chip with mercinae in holding her oil hostage. You refused, Parrius lost 4,000 fully trained troops.

Warrior Troops, will take about , maybe another 50 avalon years to get back.

Up untill your landmines blew up my troops I had not taken a single hostile action other than march around making noise and demanding compensation, a split of the spoils you took from mercinae as befit me being a guildmaster of a parrian guild you used in your negotiations.

You did not lose a single parrian troop due to a B U G with cavalry troops not allowing footsoldiers even attrition counter attack.

I will tell you what you did gain though, 3 or so angry warriors because I trust, completely in my guild members.

When I say I didnt take offensive actoin, I did not order a siege command, I did not order an engage command, till AFTER losing almost 2,000 men to landmines, they will believe me

Whatever you do from this point forward know that you have my utter contempt.

Killing those men, instead of trying some other course of action, just to be able to ridicule me and show off your flippant attitutde cost Parrius the last loyal warrior legion it will have in a very very long time.

I do not know where you thought this would get you other than universal hatred.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Ilmarael, in the year 1344.