Clara, your obvious jab is interesting, you should have said Zenichiro though he has a better win/loss ratio than edgtho in mutuals Zenichiro only lost about 75% of the time as opposed to edgtho vs me which was 90% of the time.

Ofcourse this is talking about since beginning of time, if we talk about the last 2 years of activity Zeni did not even bother challenging me, we once fought to stalemate where he would sit in a stave forest, aloof and lightarc me trying to wear down my healing items/potions that fight took like 25 minutes and he ended up quitting the duel.

So, why in the world are you harpening on about things you have no idea about and could not have had any personal experience with? Next you will be telling me how Tukar was so awesome sneaky he owned me because he killed india and I 15 years ago.

Stick to what you do best,

Remind me what that is again?

Written by my hand on the 11th of Eleuthral, in the year 1342.