In the words of your patron, I was unaware that you are the monitor of the bb.

Listen, have a think about it. I understand that you are defensive about your professions skills and no one is denying that you really are great at what you do.

I heard that only Edgtho could outclass you and geez, he went onto be ordained. But the fact is that you are issuing challenges to professions whose damage you can outcure simply with regen and tylar.

Knights DO have a huge huge arsenal of curing and healing advantage as well as speed which I feel they simply shouldnt have paired with their damage.

You ARE great at what you do Dunc, but I'd really love to see you play another profession, Ranger for example - and not just to pick with, just to get a feel for the current balance between the two.

I wish you and your new city all the best.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 1342.