You are soo right!.

When you changed to seers your win loss ratio went from 50/50 to 0-7 and you running off and quitting avalon in a huff.

Oh right impose barrier a 3.5 second long equilibrium that stops curses but not blessing nor fatlism, and HEY fullparry, rub wax, rub wax, malo, rub wax, fullparry, is SOOO hard to accomplish.

Avalon is a give and take a rock paper scissors, bards are a meta class, meaning they have no weaknesses, and also they have the greatest number of offensive skills in the game. Bards are the most offensive and dangerous skillset in the game the only one that can support entire groups AND do very well against single target opponents.

I could spend 4 page post explaining what you arent doing but say cyric DOES try how you use the same thing over and over and over and over and over again hoping it lands and do not change tactics unless forced to.

That is the only reason that I , an ok fighter am an elite one, I switch out tactics on the fly if something isnt working I try something else different poison combos different offensive/defensive positioning you are full out attack always, unless you are pushed to switch tactics like when teamed , that is when you are the most dangerous

When I was your friend though i received enough of the oh knight skills suck pooh pooh pooh, no other knight can even touch you, if it was so easy why arent others doing as well? Give props to the devil when his beard is long and white my friend as he has earned his wrinkles and his scars.

See that is the difference between you and me, and also the reason you went back to bards instead of sticking it out with seers or going knight, you know that if we ever fought on equal ground, say knight on knight, I would mop the floor with you.

Still have not heard the challenge answered

Sir Dunccan, Guildmaster of Warriors.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Eleuthral, in the year 1342.