Et al.


Realistically challenging someone as a knight is a paradox in terms. As someone who

has been twice-named paradigm, thrice gem-winner, truefighter and holder of the #1

combat ratio rank since the ranks began, I would consider myself to be an expert in my field.

And still it's no fun for me to fight knights. You can say what you want about anyone else,

as you undoubtedly will, and I am not interested enough in this conversation to have a debate.

All I will say is that knights are automation-friendly. Knights are chock full of useful little

abilities that ensure they don't have to defensively innovate and for me this


sucks the fun out of the fight. What's the point in pulling all the stops out if for

every stop you pull, the knight has a curing skill to reverse it?

Before you say: But you can stop me from killing you. (You will say that, I guarantee,)

let me stop you: You're absolutely right. I can defend against you all day long until

the sun stops shining and the earth becomes extinct. But that proves nothing other than

the fact I can fight defensively without knightly-toys but the reverse is simply not


If you were anything but a knight I'd wipe the floor with you. Shame we can't

arrange that to prove it!

-- Salvy

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1342.