Hermes, of the bloodto Everyone

A triple Hurrah! To Lord Dunccan, to Light and the Order of Revelation!

The stuff of legend, I can hear the bards now - The forces of evil, albeit weakened, whisk away an innocent babe whose cries can be heard echoing across the land.

But she is not alone. Three stand with her, two youngsters led by an ancient but mighty warrior coming out of retirement to rescue his daughter. The fate of the child rests in the hands of his faded skills.

It's good to see you triumph once more, old boy and I'm sorry I missed the quest. However it is equally comforting to know that the old school techniques learnt on those long ago blood soaked battlefields are being kept alive.

Techniques honed, centuries ago, when Thakrians were Thakrians and men were men.

Hermes, of the reminiscent

Written by my hand on the 18th of Mournsend, in the year 1340.