our child.

Darling Wife,

I have recovered our baby having to wage battle against Sauruman, Lukien and Istaru. I became reaquainted with our old bunk on the ship but with the help of the young in our order, Drago and Thaellyn the day was won.

Honorable mention goes to Hellchaser who had my back and helped me battle the enemies and wade through the blood of gargantuan sized wargs.

quaff immunity potion

For the honor of Sulisia, for the love I hold you and our daughter I present her again to you my darling.

To the forces of the moon, you fought well. Because of your fighting Istaru I will forget your words to me, the rest of your post however, I expect an apology, soon.

Lukien old squire of mine, you fought well, i am glad you have not forgotten all the lessons I taught you.

Sauruman You do quite well for a small mage others should look to you to see how they should fight.

Lady Ashvani, though I cannot question your divine prerogative, would it not have been easier simply to have me carry her to your mirror?

Dunccan, Proud Father.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1340.