How, I ask, do you plan on waging war against the realm of the Moon? Let's see:

Xion - hides away all the time, refuses to spar, begs for protections, cries to bigger fighters to come to her aide. We can check her off the list.

Aster - mostly sits in the sanctuary of the HP, rarely comes out and when she does she sits in the temple so anyone that might attack her gets zapped. Why fight if you have a deity to do the heavy work for you?

Dunccan - talks a lot of nonsense for someone who never really has anything important to say. Brute strength but on his own I believe the odds are definitely not in his favour.

Lelorax - a respectable Knight, working his way to becoming much better. How he got mixed up with your lot I'll never know. Like Dunccan, tons of will and strength but again the odds are definitely not in his favour either.

Biscuitsandgravy - I'll leave the telling of that story to my Lady Ashvani should any of you have the nerve to walk into the northern mountains and ask her yourself.

I know there are more but they're either too young or old enough but still LW/MW so they don't count.

What kind of parents make threats and then leave the realm while their child is being held? I suppose it's the kind that \"will pour fire and brimstone on all those that stand in her way\".

Challenge accepted Aster, it's your move and time may be running out.

Istaru, Lunatic Loremistress

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Mournsend, in the year 1340.