Me Shoppe.

Just Mustardseed, Minister of Crabbesto Everyone

lo everyone

i hopes yous is all well and dat yous is havin fun an mekin mischief.

this is jus a note te say dat me shoppe is re-stocked an back up an runnin. i have te crabbes workin overtime, tho mr scuttles is complainin bout not bein paid enuff peanuts agen. dont give im any if yous see im, yous will jus encourage im.

also, me shoppe sells bits of equipment real cheap, like packs an pipes an stuff. i donts mind if older ones want te buy em, but really it is for te little ones, so please could te older ones try not te buy em all an leave some fer te little ones.

te get te me shoppe yous jus need te go te HS Square in parryus, go west an den follow te signs. Its not far from te square.

thanks everyone and hope te see yous soon. if anyfing is not stocked do come an ast me or send a msg.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1339.