Junior status.

Cutthroat Clarato Everyone

I wondered if anyone could clarify the lw and mw status' to me as they stand right now. Was there a huge problem with said people being persecuted or killed by bigger players? If so, shouldnt these bigger players simply be punished by the divine as per the HELP Junior file??

In the short time I've spent in the lands over the past few days I've seen/been told about MWs with crowned guildskills setting up rits - which hit senior players with no repercussions, seen Seers trying to get into enemy stones and if they started working on them again there would be nothing that could be done, waxing forts when they cant be hit. Add this to picking locks with no repercussions and im really struggling to make sense of whats going on here.

Its also really impacting their training as combatants when they cant be interacted with even in the arena. I'm fairly sure that by definition, \"Junior\" players shouldnt have crowned skills and that the Senior players are all capable of controlling themselves when it comes to genuine MW players who arent antagonising them.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1334.