Me shoppe.

Just Mustardseedto Everyone

Dear everyone,

Yous will prolly want te visit me shoppe coz it has ninja bargains and knock down prices. All genuine, no knock-offs. And not from off te back ova stage coach eivver. Well, mostly not.

If yous wants somefink stockin jus ast me an i will do me best te ascertain it fer yous.

Also, please feed te crabbes if yous sees em, dey will work fer peanuts, but dey is pretty demandin an allways want more.

Please leave yous aquatic pets at home.

Te find it just goes to te hellypont square in parrius an ast fer mustard. or jus go west an follow te dreckshuns.

Hope yous enjoy te bargains


Written by my hand on the 10th of Hindyear, in the year 1332.