My Delusions.

Godfatherto Tyranis, god of war

Lord Tyranis, the shop was mine PRIOR to you becoming a divine. It was transfered by the power of Genesis himself. HOw was this a mistake?

Thieves broke into the shop and claimed the property, had it transfered to us, and stocked more property in there. So yes there is our stock in it, but you over look that as you over look everything else that doesn't work to your way.

The shop was NEVER empty for 2 RL years, but you can try to claim what you want, because your the divine and your lies make you right? Not to me, and never to me.

I will always claim a shop that I got rightfully, when its taken by someone just because they want to throw their new powers around in areas that didn't concern them in the first place.

If I build a shop, buy a shop, or otherwise aquire a shop, as with ANYONE in avalon, it should remain theirs as long as they are ACTIVE in the lands, no matter what they wish to do with it. How is this change djust because you want to give a shop to one of your followers? Why ccouldn't you give the one that is across the way from MY SHOP to her? The one that has been dormant for 2 RL years? WHy not one of the other empty shops throughout the land that weren't owned by an active player?

Why do you have to take something from an active player? And when you give it someone else and they go dormant and lose everything. you give it back to them when they return? WHy did that not happen with em? How hypocritic you going to be? I have still not lied about 1 thing you have said I have.

I haven't been dormant fora year or so for the last 8 years? ANother LIE on your part Lord Tyranis.

THis is a joke, i will no longer respond to you. And If i don't hear from Lord Genesis as Usual i'll let it go, sicne his word is the only one that really means anything. You can cheat all you awnt from Olympus for you and yours, but I won't continue to be part of it. You don't have to wonder about mortals making mortals leave the lands when you have the abuse of Divine doing just as much to those that contribute more to the game than they ever have.

Don Tukar, tired of the lies flowing from Olympus only to be backed with \"i'm a divine and you're a mortal\". G'day.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Hindyear, in the year 1328.