That is a lot of we's and US in that post Clara.


I'm curious have you abandoned ALL pretense that Seraphima is doing your bidding? That her teaming me with the prince of thakria in and out of mercinae is somehow the actions of a BARON of the city of Light?

Look at that, we should have posted, interesting turn of phrase, and is Parrius now delving into Mercinaen politics? Or is it just the order of War doing what it does best? Manipulating people into thinking they are somehow allies then stabbing them in the back?

So what is this new plan? Get seraphima into mercinaen government in order to more soundly use mercinaen troops as buffers against silverfalls? Or do you simply want to keep mercinae de-stabalized of all the DDW barons (there are 3 of them Bumble, Nighteagle and Mronze) you chose to question the one with the most desire to learn to fight. I have to wonder if his choice of order was not the real cause and I have to question the commitment of the followers of Tyranis to our so called truce (you know the

one that made me keep all followers of War on the ship, dp, hiding, or trying in their classic futile ways to team me)?

The days of India and her worthless backstabbing political ways are over. Questioning a new and enthusiastic Baron who works damn hard for his city is not the best way to provoke the change Mercinae needs to be considered anything but a laughing stock.

It needs leaders and you and Serphima are not, you are weak, and whiney, and pathetic to the point of tears.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Agamnion, in the year 1327.