Lw/Mw tournament.

Wizard Mithrandil, Mastering the Lightto Everyone

Greetings fellow Avalonians!

The Order of the Sun will host an 18-month LW/MW fighting tournament commencing in the Autumn of 1327 (4th March to the 31st March). This tournament will reward various prizes to those who participate - very desirable prizes at that! More on the prizes will be posted shortly. A few who are slightly older than MW with limited fighting knowledge will also be allowed to join the tournament but at the discretion of the Sun-Order, feel free to enquire.

The idea behind this tournament is to get some fighting going, and to inspire you into evolving yourself in the realm of combat. but the concept will be fun and games with learning, and not mayhem and slaughter. so if you want to have fun, learn and get a chance at winning daily fun prizes (or the big final prizes) then come and participate in the events!

The type of fighting that will occur are such things that can happen in Gem quests. there will be 1 vs 1, team vs team, all vs all (Hunger games...) and flag quests.

If you are interested but start to think, I have no chance in winning, I don't know how to fight! then don't worry, most people will think that, so you are not alone, And there will be support and tactical advice on what to focus on. this will happen during the events and always after them. so you will always learn something new.

When will the events happen?

The syntax SCHEDULE will inform you of most upcoming events (there may be some spontaneously if enough people online). Everything will be planned by the Avalon clock - type TIME and use HELP TIMEZONES to figure out how it relates to you. The syntax SCHEDULE will explain WHAT will happen and WHEN it will happen. the aim is to have a minimum of 3 events per week, 2 during the weekdays and 1 on the weekend.

How do I earn points?

There will be a Point system that is based on participation (points for just turning up!) and success (with points varying depending on the relative size of opponents). There will also be bonus points awarded at the discretion of Lord Aethon. When a ranking/leaderboard is formed after the first week, the point system will likely be evolved to incorporate this. So starting late in the month should not be a problem.

What will you learn?

The goal is to teach every participant about defence/curing/attacks and just about anything that will be good to know that pops up from watching the fights, so there is no specific curriculum, but instead you will learn how to counter/defend/attack against an opponent you have just fought etc.

It would be good to be prepared with having equipment before the tournament starts, such things as Potions (help potionlist), Herbs (help herblist) Poisons (help poisonlist) and Charms (help charmlist) - your city and guild elders can help you with this. though, as the goal is that everyone will learn and get better prepared from each fight, there will be hand-outs of equipment during events.

Using herbs/poisons/potions/charms in a fight won't drain them as equipment (and experience) loss will be turning off, so it is worth acquiring at least 1 of each herb and poison in your pouches so that you have everything available to you without it ever depleting - that goes for potions etc as well.

This tournament will be sponsored by the Sun-God and led by His priests Mithrandil and Gandalph who will be in charge of the events and will be giving advice and support during the entire tournament.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to MSG MITHRANDIL and I shall reply to you as soon as I am able. For those of you in cities where I am an enemy and you know me as such, do not be afraid to approach me on this topic - all are welcome and encouraged to be involved.

Wizard Mithrandil, Priest of the Incipient Sunrise

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1327.