to you and your husband.

i thought to write to you both after reading your beautiful messages here, i am thankful my dear sweet daughter aster found you dunccan, and i know i have no worries on that you will guard and cherish her for all eternity.


i met you long ago when you were recently born into these lands, i remember spending more time with you than most, sharing wisdom and wonders of what avalon has hidden and what is obvious to all.

i watched you grow, strong and wise, you carried yourself with great dignity and grace, even in the darkest times you still held your head high and continued to be you honorably, something not many can do in such times.

i remember the time i took you to olympus and took you round all the temples, telling some tales of experiences or things witnessed before your time about the gods temples we visited, your enthusiasm was like no other.

no look at you! grown into a fine woman, found your feet as well as your true and right path in these lands and now married to a strong and passionate man, one who will fight for your honor, one who will shelter you from the cold and one who sacrificed something many dream of becoming for the name of love for you. so even when times seem dark and maybe going wrong, remember that and words shared on the most joyus occation in your avalon life

i wish you both the most wonderful future filled with joy and wealth, love and light, i am proud to welcome you dunccan into my family, and i am pleased that fate led you to my daughter.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Paglost, in the year 1325.