urgant news stablehands guild.

Lady Naaka De Fabrittis-Blackheartto Everyone

the long secretive guild of the stablehands fabled for their care and expertise in dealing with mounts is not to be believed! they are frauds! I stable my pony epona with them one time and what happens when i return to fetch it? \"sorry i have no mount of yours stabled with us\". do not be fooled! don't waste youre money stableing and risking your precious animals when you can tether them anywhere for free! personally i am trying to vote to rid silverfalls of this supposed \"guilds\" menace! I had to have

a god get my poor epona back for me, although im not sure just how sulisia heard about my troubles, but thanks to the kind goddess anyway you have my eternal gratitude


Written by my hand on the 27th of Midwinter, in the year 1325.