I returned from holidays to see Lukien where I wagered he'd end up. I just want to know if he stole anything before he left.

Great decision making brother. How do you figure a known guild hopper/city hopper/order hopper with no loyalties to anyone, except perhaps those he can manipulate (usually lonely women I'm thinking Khursun or Bumble pushed for him to be Mercinaen).

How do you in-cit someone who was killing you and your citizens less than 4 months ago and not the person who was killing him so he would not kill you and your citizens.

You were wrong in the way you treated Aster, you were wrong in the craven way you reacted to my justified anger, you were wrong in this.

I know I should stop expecting you to act like a noble valiant Prince of Mercinae, filled with honor, sense of purpose, and willingness to sacrifice.

I will not though, the Prince of Mercinae is held to a higher standard.

Live up to it.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Cloudburst, in the year 1324.