Foolishly, he ignored it...

As much as I hate reading mindless posts that people so often put here, I feel the need to post a little something of my own. How cowardly does one get, Lukien? You attacked my defenseless child and killed him, to do what? Get back at Honeybear? Oh, please! You killed my child because he was an easy target, with no way of fighting back, because you know you can't kill Honeybear without facing the charges. I am a little bard who just returned, with no money, clothing, or food.

My skills have been drastically changed, and I will admit that I have no idea what I am doing as of yet. So you pick on me and my defenseless offspring. You victimize me because I have a connection to Honeybear. And exactly WHAT did she do to earn your anger?

Oh, that's right, she disfavored you for stealing from her patron and refusing to return the items despite her patience in asking you to do so. OH, and how she decomposed you when you attacked her in the Grove for doing so *snicker*. How dare she, as High Priestess of Lady Brigantia? That is laughable, Lukien!

There IS a respectable way to be evil, Lukien. You are far from respectable. Constantly switching cities, orders and guilds like a game of musical chairs is far from respectable. You are a cancer upon the land, and you should feel proud that, because of you, more people have quit the game than for any other reason. Avalon is dying, inhabitants rapidly decreasing, all because of your sadism towards others.

However, I will not quit. I will stand against your cowardice. I, the confused little bard, will train harder and become a bastion for good, or at the very least respectability. I encourage others to do the same. Together we can bring you down to your knees, sobbing like the child you so willingly slaughtered, and cry with victory at your demise. We can, and will, restore Avalon to its former glory, where people actually role-play. What is your role, Lukien?

Please let us know, once you grow up enough to decide what you want to be. Maybe then you can actually help the land grow and flourish, instead of raping it for your own benefit.

Losing my religion,


Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 1324.