Trading n Fun.

First off! Lord Aladron or most known as Aladron the craftmasters guildmaster isn't divine, you must be so incompetent that you don't even know your professions patrons name, it's Lord Aldaron, god of life. (Lord Aladron as you call him has been dormant for some time, and I had to wait with my posting so I could confirm that he was still mortal. and he is!)

Second my fun ways can't be thieveing, for it to be thievery I must have done something like breaking in, ghosting etc to get those animals, I merely walked in. and none of those animals had your loyalty, or Brigantia's, some had Tukar's loyalty and I liberated them from the cruel animists (gods know what they do to animals). chuckle

In the end of the post you Hail Mischief, what I did was most mischievous, so I take it that you hail my actions? and if so, good. cuz what I did was for entertainment, and I'm glad I could have provided some to others and not just to myself.

What you call extortion, I call trading. I had something you wanted, and you had something I wanted. but since the trade was turned down I had no choice but to remove what I had.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Skyelong, in the year 1320.