Oh, how amusing, the once great Salvador gets it all out at once. I think that instead of asking that particular question of me, you need to really sit in front of a mirror and ask it of yourself. What happened to that \"calling back to your home town\"?

Oh, you're RIGHT, Thakria was crumbling, and being the good puppet you are, you just went right back there. And then you quit, because, well, it sucked there.

So... Parrius starts to crumble. Your puppetmaster pulls your string. AND back you go. Right back to another sinking ship.

How the fuck do you have the balls to say anything about being a lap-dog? I assure you, my thoughts and actions are as free as anyone's. You know why I join with Sajora? Because I freely believe that, at times, she is right, and I act on them. YOU, on the other hand, do as you are fucking told. YOU are the puppet. YOU go where you are told. You act as you are told. And you always have. I've been around for a while, and you have been a consistent bag of deception, lies, and unfaithfulness to your city.

You are a great fighter, I'll give you that. Mock me being DP all you want, but I do it to build myself up. But at my heart, I still have something you can NEVER have, as it is a core attribute: Patriotism. YOU, all you have is what's best for yourself, and what your master tells you to do. Think about what's more important to those who help support you.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Skyelong, in the year 1320.