And now for Something Completely Different.

Animist Brightstar Eternal Bunny-Eared Defenderto Everyone

Tired of the endless banter between Duccan and Who Ever he's Ticked off This Week? Might I suggest watching the melodrama that IS Mithrandil and his latest attempts to be untagged by breaking into the Animist Guild, stealing Alpacas, sheep and dung and threatening to or actually killing them and Blaming their demise on me for not knuckling under and liberating him from his tag?

For those of you not knowing what a tag is, it is a punishment Lord Aladron granted his druids to bestow treehood on those who threaten or have damaged the forests or those who dwell in the forests. The tagged person slowly over the course of 10 days becomes a tree. If the tag is removed (or liberated) the person returns to their normal self.

It is very bad form to remove a tag placed by someone else. I won't do it. I don't know of any guild member in good standing who will, unless they are instructed to do so by GM or god.

Therefore, Mithrandil has restorted to extortion to get his tags removed. I really thought he was better than that, but evidentally, he has turned thief as well as extortionist, name-caller, bully, and murderer.

I guess we all need our hobbies.

Hail Life and Mischief!

Written by my hand on the 17th of Paglost, in the year 1320.