Sir Dunccanto Feral Pahn, Dawnfire


Pahn, I give you this explanation, as a show of respect for a person I once loved.

Pahn, I give you this explanation, as a show of respect for a person I once loved.

I have prayed to the god of Darkness, conducted a ritual to Evil in front of the soul who was my Patron and to whom I was high-priest. Ofcourse he was Prince of Thakria at the time but I knew that Nostradamus wanted to relish that he had swayed me to pray to his evil.

He threw me out, without punishment for disobedience, because when it came down to it. I could not betray my city, which is what he wanted. He wanted loyalty to him above all things. I could not bend the tarnished steel that had become my soul forged, as you well know, in the fires of 7 man stripping teams lead by Zenichiro.

So i have seen the Dark, I then saw the Lady you all insult so. You who are cowards. You who desire nothing more than to bully those that you can and hide from those you can't.

She saved my pour soul, she polished it, she honed it, she took my spirit and forged it anew in the glow of HER Radiance!

I am now her sword, I am now her shield, and I will be damned to hell and back if I will let the likes of you and poor cowardly Julian insult her so.

Wallow in your mediocrity and dirty politics.

When you are capable of taking a SINGLE village from Thakria something neither of you have managed despite having the largest army in Avalon let me know. It is pure and simple laziness. My patron knows the meaning of hard work and dedication, I would not venture to guess why the mortal that was transcended her eartly form. I WOULD probably guess that it had something to do with tireless hard work, good leadership, and the refusal to take DDW or PW so she could help her people.

You have done nothing Pahn, your sole brush with greatness was as my sidekick. You know it, I know it, and the people who matter know it.

I am just glad I have found a patron who I know will not betray me, and with her belief in me she has found an unwavering defender.

I wonder if Mephisto thought the same of you? Ever make high-priest pahn? Or did your mediocrity and cowardice prevent that too?

Think on it, and try and change, you have a spark down there somewhere to be more than you are. Embrace it and rise above your current uselessness.



Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1319.