Sir Dunccanto Sir Julian of Mercinae


Is alienating a percentage of your populace to the point where a baron and another up and coming citizen quit city to join an enemy one enough?

Is treating a person who has come to you and your city's need for assistance against the teams of Thakria like a pariah not enough?

Is this the wisdom taught to you by your new order? Insult a deity on THE public bb then turn around after being punished and do it again?

I have to say you have a way's to go, in his height of sadism I never insulted public fashion Lord Nostradamos and Genesis knows he deserved it. God's exist despite us, personal issues with the player behind screen aside should said deity decide to go ooc, within the realm of Avalon which is what you are talking about here, they do not answer to us, current prince of Mercinae or not. We both know you won't last.

You have shown your fortitude before Julian, nobody here remembers but I do, I remember you not able to handle the constant pressure by Thakria and Parrian teams the stripping by Zenichiro, Threap and Flagg. I remember you breaking down and joining Thakria. Your weakness was forgiven and understood but don't pretend you are strong, don't pretend to demand things from the Goddess of Light.

You sound whiney you sound weak. You ARE a bully, I know, I am a punisher of bullies, a bully of bullies if you will. That is my place in Avalon.

Pahn with his MW killing, you with your teaming, I found it quite amusing how you were coordinating your attack with parrius to \"get\" me.

You guys are bullies and you guys are weak, I may be excentric as my helpfile say's but I will tell you what, no friend of mine has ever been betrayed by me.

Let me explain something to you, right now I'm only focusing my attention on you pahn and khursun. Do not escalate things by being rash and ... unwise.

Read help Wisdom read Help Telemachus, I've read help Sulisia and I purging the false barony, the putrid cancer that has infested the City of Light with bad politics and bully boy tactics against 6 month old characters... the things that inspired a Guildmaster of the Mages to fight against his own with Thakrians! That is your legacy, that is what you inspire, take 3 steps back, breathe, and think about what Culinane would have done, what Allanon would have done, be strong but be wise.

Or quit again. Because you will never have a day of respite till you see the error of your ways, you WILL find that you have better things to do, that you actually have a life, whatever excuse you will tell yourself to hide the fact that your lack of spirit and your greed and power hunger lead you and yours down the abyss of mediocrity and self imposed obfuscation.

Don't go down that road. You can still come back.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 1319.