Sulisia, the goddess of ?.

Sir Julian of Mercinaeto Everyone

In the past few weeks your order has staged attacks against Mercinaens from the temple inside Mercinae.

You have cuddled followers under attack from enemies of Mercinae in the form of whisking them away from combat into your temple in Mercinae.

You have divinely increased the health of those under exile in Mercinae aiming to regain full citizen status for mistakes against Mercinae's citizens.

You have meddled in Mercinaen affairs ceaselessly, calling various leaders of the city unfair and \"bullies. \"

Mercinae does NOT recognize any of these actions as one who claims to be the owner of the realm of \"light. \" If you must continue to mollycoddle your followers, do so outside of the city walls. If you can't keep your followers that have been branded a city enemy, indeed one who used to be a follower of darkness, from attacking citizens after idling in your temple: remove it from the city.

If you feel the need to continue to fill the city's young with foul vitriol: remove your followers and cease to exist in Mercinae. We do not want your meddling inside our city walls any longer.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midsummer, in the year 1319.