I commend you!.

Sir Dunccanto Cutthroat Clara, Master of Shadows

I've been gone for almost a decade and I was curious how you were taking care of my old city.

I was extremely happy to note that you have been doing such a great job, hell amazing.

Your rune-bug picks up words: Clara tells an Asiatic black bear, \"And i clearly stated ive done more for parrius in two weeks than had happened in six months\".

Six months! That pretty much means you've done more than most of mirales's administration. Which I'm sure is true, since you say it.

quaff diffusion potion

I'm just curious, apart from losing some more SOI what have you accomplished exactly i mean, in real terms, you stole all the oil from thakria, but lost all your iron to silverfalls.

I'm sure there is something though, something I must be missing! Probably you increased the fighter population, I'm sure not seeing any Parrians on but Caine, ever.

or maybe I just don't see anyone fighting. I know Ithikul fights, but I don't really take note of who list just who dies and kills on innersight.

Then it MUST be city finances! I can't see those so I'm going to assume you've managed to horde more stuff than what people previously horded for a whole 6 months!

Course it wouldn't be more than what Orielle did, that's just impossible.

Either way Clara, I'm just glad parrius has found such a great, pro-active, fighting leader who excels at inspiring it's young, smiting the enemies of the eastern jewel, and keeping a great financial structure!

My hat off to ya.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Eleuthral, in the year 1319.