Bug reporting.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Sadly, like many, Thorne presumes I am either able to read minds or have

the time, energy and inclination to watch everything, everyone and

everywhere 24/7. This is not so, folks. Things must be reported using

the BUG command else you're relying on somebody else chancing to do it,

or some God randomly happening to notice the problem.

Thorne: if to your knowledge the \"list is long\" then how ironic your own should

be absolutely empty. Not a single bug. Despite this omission a post

of fairly ill-mannered tone... ah well. It won't effect whether the

bug you vaguely describe in your post is taken seriously. It will be.

Hopefully somebody else will deign to provide a little more info,

particularly if the loss was large enough to be significant to the

Mercinaen military.

People presume too much if they figure exploiters aren't punished. It

tends to be the case, though, that there's a fine line between exploit

and smart-ability use and those pushing the envelope tend to whine

less when inevitably punished for going too far. Conversely, I spy the

beginnings of a martyr complex twixt the lines of Thorne's post. And

I appreciate this gets ruined if bugs are reported and/or abilities

are learned to such a point, the doings of Zooka and Achelous (in this

instance) become explicable. Cuz then the counters or mistakes-made

would become clear... and then a whole world of awful obligation

rears its ugly head. Ignorance is not only bliss, it's absolution!

For those who're interested: check out the updated HELP BUGS. It's not

long, it's not complicated. Put your bugs in categories, ensure they're

looked at faster. Label important or SERIOUS and it'll be noted by

the whole pantheon (no doubt) and likely fixed by me Real Quick. The

question of reimbursement for such a bug exploit doesn't even need

to be asked. It should be taken as a given: yes, cheat-theft comms

would have to be returned.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midwinter, in the year 1316.