Random Rant albeit Civil.

Druid Gahlahas de Drewry, Eternal Dreamerto Everyone

hey folks,

usually i find posting when your annoyed to be counter productive but I'm going to take a minute to get some things off my chest. People seem to have issues in this realm and fly off the handle every five seconds. In the real would if someone talked the amount of trash to another person I'm sure I would twist their neck til their ankles popped. I usually find humor in listening to the rants and lies that people in this game make up about each other. For years I just stayed so far away from the popu

lation in Avalon because it gets old fast and I've got a list a mile long of things I want to get done. For some reason though people want to get everyone involved in their ridiculous rants and causes people just to not want to log in. In short if you got some kind of mental instablity or want to wiff and moan about something by all means head to the Greenwood and kick rocks cause I personally really do not care. I am in Avalon because I like to do things and see results. I like seeing things I've

done become realized. I like when people are having fun and enjoying themselves. I just can't see how people can be so unhappy they can't enjoy a game.

Let us discuss Pandera and his quest to get the Spiritualism Skill set.

get key42705 from sack

unlock e door


lock w door

put key42705 in sack approached me and asked me to train him on the skill set. I declined because I do not train fighters. He then approached me and said he just needed an endorsement as he was going to purchase the skill set crowned from Lord Genesis. Well if he's going to go ahead and crown it then what's it my business what he does with his money. Then I find out that if Pandera receives this skill set then it is basically fair game to all Knights. That one got an automatic decline from me. Now

Pandera is basically asking me to no ends to support him but I keep declining him. I've stated over and over I'm not able to assist as it's a professional skillset so I'm not interested in Knights having it. Nothing personal Knight types but I'm just not going to have that weight on my shoulders. Then he stated to me if he doesn't get me to give the approval then he will seek out sorcerers to get the skill from. I'll give him that one. My role as a Druid is taken seriously when it comes to our ev

il counterparts the Sorcerers, but even that will not get me to give my approval of that skill set to be shared.

Today someone said that I spoke with Lady Sulisia about it? Well let me just say that I've never spoke with Lady Sulisia about this topic. I've been told that another Animist or Druid had been approached about it, but that Druid type was not me. So the person that stated I was a liar because they were confronting me and I was changing my story. I'm sure Lady Sulisia can verify that I've never spoken to her ever glowing Light about this subject.

You guys need to stop jumping guns and pulling me into silly debates. Besides getting another degree, raising two boys on my own, working a full time job, and having two boys that play every sport under the sun. I have no time for petty drama and worthless weak minded lies. I know several of you stated that Genesis is messing with me and laughing at me for working so hard for the Order of Dreams. But I have NO expectations for anything I do. I do the things I do because I love it. The people in th

is realm that actually speak with me know I have a lot of passion for what I do and that's what drives me.

And I am a good person to vent to when you are frustrated and I'm also someone who has been known to vent but I try to keep it in a joking fashion.

Just enjoy yourselves folks. Avalon can drive you crazy if you allow it, but it is a great source of fun when you let it be.

Chris aka Gahlahas



Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1315.