Black, white and grey areas.

SunBear Khursunto Everyone

Greetings all,

I've accused of being rude today, so I'll just post so I can keep track of how rude I am. Ketch was enemied to the forest today and since my knowledge of him with forests includes him helping me fight sorcerers and loremasters who were INTENTIONALLY burning the forests down as well as being good about dousing any fires he starts, I think my asking why he's enemied to forests is legitimate, not rude.

Rude is thinking I'm going to go after you for something you didn't do, but simply asking questions to understand fully and being met with attitude the accusations that are unwarranted from forest youngsters. To me, to be branded a forest enemy extends to those who burn with the intention of defoliating, destroying trees and ents, killing of animists and trying to clear out rooms of trees.

Note, I do not say ranger profession because we are expected to die, but I do take issue with someone who helps me defend the forests, being enemied to those same forests. I find fighting and causing fires different than sitting there and going about it purposefully and trying to destroy the forest, ie Cergaro sending hell flames in to start fires at people who are not fighting.

I will tell you all the same as I told Viresse: him being enemied over this would have been the same as me cursing down Viresse in the forests when it was easy for me to do so in the past. I never did it to anyone besides Amaril who helped destroy forests and he deserved it. Although Viresse and I do not get along, it would have been wrong to do it over personal reasons and just because I could have versus intentions.

Next time, I suggest pointing out to someone that they have started fires and see how they respond. Ketch would put them out, the people who want to destroy the forests will kill you then keep going.

-SunBear Khursun

Written by my hand on the 1st of Agamnion, in the year 1314.