Battlephase and Ability Activations.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

There is a fun but fairly extension stack of activations (final test plus

introduction-to-game plus play-and-balance) now ready to go live. This

covers most professions but specifically Elementalism, Oracle/Farsight,

Bardskills, certain Skymastery, Thaumaturgy, Forestry Totems, assorted

Sylvan and Falconry/Ornithology and Thief/Trapping gaps filled. Two options

realistically: before or after the Diamond Gem Quest. The conclusion

we've reached after discussion is AFTER.

I'm happy to talk to individuals about this and let me add, the AFTER doesn't

apply to bugfixes and tweaks to existing known abilities. However,

the thinking is if I bring in \"en masse\" all the stuff that's been building

the past couple of weeks then even if a test-through is completed,

its impact on the Gem Quest contest will not make for a better

competition. Too much new stuff for too many people. The rule of thumb

is that each team should have at least one person who's enough well-informed

to answer most \"what is this\" \"how do I counter/defend that\" questions

from younger or returning-from-dormancy team-members... this'll ensure

the Gem Quest is a battle of strategy and competence wih mostly known

factors rather than a confusion of unknowns; rather than becoming a

tempting but detrimental \"test-and-balance\" session that'd make the

excitement'n'excellent of the Gem Quest battle itself less gripping.

So instead, we play out the Diamond Gem Quest - see RULES for more detailed

info especially about the Battleisle + Underworld quest-region - with a

view to the quality of competition first and foremost. Activations then

afterwards through the coming week to conclude with a third big

competition (perhaps involving fewer participants) for the sake of

my necessary battlephase test+balance+polishing. This third contest

aiming for next weekend, and THEN the week of final fixing and buffing-up

and documentations for the greatbook and help system. Means \"battlephase\"

runs two weeks over but it's worth it for the in-Avalon benefit.

Any questions about the above, send them my way or to your patron; and

remember bugs'n'existing ability loopholes/tweaks ARE in the pre-Diamond

Quest mix so bring those to my attention if any are concerning you. Sooner

the better. Then after this Diamond Quest we'll steamroll the battlephase

denouement. Maybe a third Gem Quest since there was such a long hiatus

prior to the Cornelian (and there is no better intensive testing

process) but we'll see how this weekend's contest pans out.

Finally, keep an eye on RULES and HELP DIAMOND throughout the day. Make


info as well as any \"how it works\" from HELP BATTLESANDS / HELP GEMQUESTS

and HELP GEMS. Consult team captains etc. I have the foundation 48

competitors (public+unannounced) noted (type TEAMS to see current

declared team membership and first round base locations). All other

participants remain welcome - the more the better for the final balancing

of teams after Tyranis' Cornelian prize-giving (type WINNERS to see who

is getting honey). Recommend all competitors take the opportunity to

explore Battleisle and the Underworld (through the ASCEND/DESCEND

via Eastwood shrine) so you get your bearing and know the bases. These

bases will likely be used, albeit rotated, as fixed points throughout

the first phase of the Diamond Quest.

Last of all, times: the Cornelian prizegiving begins at 11PM by the Avalon

clock (6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific, Midnight CET) and the Diamond Gem Quest

commences immediately afterwards. There will be half an hour active

prep time after the prize-giving but I will press to ensure Gem Quest

begins no later than Midnight Avalon TIME and lasts at most five hours

across all nine rounds.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1312.