Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Precedent demands these Quests come in pairs: so this weekend July 14th-15th

will see the second of the Gem Quests, the contest for the Divine Diamond.

The Diamond is one of the premier gems and bestows, amongst other things,

eternal mana (which means your mana is ALWAYS at its maximum) and the great

boon of \"subconscious equilibrium\".

Type HELP DIAMOND for info on the Diamond divine gem and some summary info

on the Quest.

Type RULES for an up-to-date overview of the rules and information about

the coming weekend: quest rules, team leaders and membership, what to

expect, preparation opportunities, etc.

Returning players or any lacking vital equipment should approach the Gods

and we will consider all requests for inventory, to ensure you compete for

the Diamond in good shape. Wurtfoil rejuvenation, temporary suspension of DDW

and protection, neutralising of disfavour skill-effect, ensuring experience

level is at high watermark, etc. This and more is available for those who

compete; however well you perform.

The Diamond Quest will officially begin with certain \"preparation\" chances

prior to the quest's commencement, and at 11PM Avalon TIME there will be

a prize-giving ceremony for those winners of the various prizes from the

Cornelian Quest. Type WINNERS to see a list and if your name is shown, be

sure to atten!

Team leaders, submit team 'core membership' to me as soon as possible. Those

who want to compete but don't want to, or haven't selected a team, can also

let me know ASAP. Questions can be put to me or any of the Gods and benefits

listed above will be available as soon as you declare yourself \"in\" the

Diamond Quest (teamed-up or otherwise).

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 1311.