Divine Gem Quest: the CORNELIAN.

Tyranis, god of warto Everyone

Listen up mortals, I'll be running the gem quest for the Divine Cornelian Gem on the evening of SATURDAY the 7th of JULY: starting time will be slightly flexible to enable the maximum participation. It will not begin later than MIDNIGHT by the Avalon cloak. The Quest will last for around three hours.

Naturally combat will be a prime focus. The format will be a multi-round Sands Quest and the arena for the contest will be the Battleisle. Everyone should participate unless pacifist and there will be sub-prizes rewarding achievements across various categories including midlevel and \"under a year old\" competitors. Pacifism and DDW can be suspended for the Quest and restored after. Equipment use-up and XP loss will be OFF. If you're short anything crucial prior to the Quest the Gods will be around to help out, for the Quest duration only.

Each round will have a slight modification in the rules to be as challenging as possible, to root out the best of mortalkind. Those who remember the Battleisle Sands run a year or so ago over two successive weekends will know how good these events are and also how it doesn't matter if your big or small, you can make an impact. I have been told myself these were high-quality contests where many mortals distinguished themselves. I look forward to seeing this.

Note: in addition to granting its owner the right to compete for the soul of a deity, the benefit bestowed upon the victor by the Cornelian is not the limited \"power\" of previous occasions. It is now a unique collection of powers based on the Cornelian's realm.

In summary:

Starting Time for Preparation/Build-Up: SATURDAY 11PM GMT by the Avalon Clock

Date for Cornelian Gem Quest: 7th of July

Format: Multi-round Battleisle Sands Quest (approx 3 hours)

Rules: XP loss OFF, equipment usage OFF. Type CORNELIAN in Avalon or on the website http://www.avalon-rpg.com/help/pages/cornelian.html for detailed rules and, closer to the date, round by round info.

Questions to me, to your patron, or via email to support@avalon-rpg.com and they'll be forwarded to me.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1310.