Quest venues.

All quests can be run in any venue, pretty much. The Flag Quest has

the same range of \"combat regions\" as the Sands Quest: Avalonwide,

Battleisle, the Arena, Underworld or within a specific City or Area as

per what you see in SURVEY.

Battleisle is often used for Sands because it's small enough to ensure

plenty of conflict and for its routes/layout to be learned by less

experienced players during the quest itself. Having them Avalonwide makes

that more challenging. Not that this is a bad thing but it can change

the complexion of the contest. Battleisle is also an all-terrain region

wherein potential for almost all abilities to be used exists, and it

can be decimated by the quest without hurting the plans/setup of

folks in the mainland. If a major quest is run in Avalon itself then

the knock-on effects can be a big deal. This is fine for the Ordination

Quest but for a Sands or Flag Quest, people would be rather unhappy if

their hard-earned runestaves were all ploughed down as a byproduct of

the fighting for flags or sand.

So saying, many Flag Quests ARE run in the mainland and the whereabouts

of the team bases is entirely flexible; up to the presiding deity to

define at the start. Sands Quests likewise.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Cloudburst, in the year 1310.