Untrustworthy and using people.

Everyone uses everyone, its the way of the land, and just cause someone switches cities doesnt mean they are untrustworthy. I got stripped by salvador and it was due to my own fault and i took it rather well. but almost everything you said about him was true about me other then the fact that im not in your order or killing you repeatedly.

I use people, no doubt about it. and yes its for personal gain. People use me for herbs and poisons, its a mutual using if you will. You forget at the end of the day, we pay to play and nothing is set in stone not even bondsman skill. Theres ways around most things as you know and people will always switch cities and change things up to keep things interesting. Salvador is a game changer no matter which side he goes too, when he leaves a city for another, it will tip the scales

People will always stop playing or start hiding and whining cause they are being kill or trying to be stripped. If anyone is caught afk or idling people will try to strip them. Just cause salvador has got his timing and skills down better then anyone else in the land, you choose to call him a backstabber. your just mad hes slaughtering you and you have no where to hide.

Deal with it, the tides will change and the shoe will be on the other foot, its the way of the land. People quit, others come back, some people cant take dying, others seem to only die. Bugs will be abused and people will use each other. get over it.

Finally, its defently nice not having to worry bout salvador stripping me agian, for now. and hell if i would have been at around, he wouldnt have stripped me so easy, its defently my own fault.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midsummer, in the year 1309.