Serethipas and Lukien,

Though I hate to speak ill of others, I feel that I must bring your recent actions to the light and call you to accountability. I also wish my oath here to be witnessed.

I challenged both you and Lukien to a fight, and you both refused - Lukien with whining about inadequate skills, you through Agarwain whining about being in a bad mood. I came to Silverfalls, but I did not lay a hand on anyone before I was attacked and drawn into the altar room in Lady Ashvani's temple, where you disgraced her sacred ground with Lukien by attacking me and stripping me bare. Such a thing, though ignoble, is bearable and, indeed, expected from the likes of you both. Personal insults are

even so, and I do not mind sharing them myself. However, insulting the holy name and character of Lady Sulisia by calling her my b***** is going way too far. Let it be witnessed this day that I will strive henceforth to cleanse this land by wiping the ground with your blood, time and again. Though I will fail, many times likely, I will plague you without ceasing for the dishonour that you have shown to Lady Sulisia. Be warned.

In the Light,

Light-Mage Shaith

Written by my hand on the 10th of Cloudburst, in the year 1309.