Aredhelto Everyone


I find that I have to agree with Falstaff's point about the extra- curriculum skills that seem to floating around. Ihave also had only the one set of skills throughout my Avalonian life, namely those of an Alchemist. Ihave had my fair share of extra skills but these were transferred to my alchemical skills, all except Stealth and Archery to date which currently stand at Competent and Beginner respectively. I would not begrudge losing this skills if it meant that I was assured that others with extra skills would also lose theirs. The entire concept of guilds is to divide the people up into different trades and professions and having skills from a different guild to the one inhabited defeats this idea completely. One of the major arguments behind \"streaming\" the players like this is to encourage co-operation and interaction and again, having extra skills negates the need for this to a certain extent. Basically, Falstaff's point about \"fairness\" and equity is completely justified as the current situation weig

s the balance in favour of some - creating a disorientated world with less chance for some than others of achieving the ultimate goal