I would recommend you concentrate on the tenants of the burning sun.

Less on the morality of the order of Light.

Questioning the ethos of a god is the height of hubris and I'm very surprised by this post. As a follower of light Edgtho was a pretty hardcore stripper. Allanon in his time , Highpriest of Light for longer than any other highpriest was one of the most relentless strippers ever.

I'm not condemning their actions most were justified and necessary. I certainly wouldn't go as far as to question the morality of an entire order.

Unless ofcourse that order preached about their prowess in combat and spent entire days hiding in stockrooms/towers/and temples.


Regardless , I think we should probably leave the leadership and direction of orders to the deities of said organizations, and the way that direction affects the mortal realm to the upper clergy in that order.


Regards too. Dunccan.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.