Cutthroat Clarato Everyone

Something that I find really distasteful is the culture of stripping thats going on in the lands, especially the stripping of young people. I know people throw the word \"stripping\" around without understanding that it doesnt mean someone stealing 100 tyrlar during a fight. I dont mean a thief taking an unprotected pouch or two or a knight jjing some vaxvarna during a jump and bagging a few items. I'm not talking about someone who has wronged your friends being punished because they deserve it, Im t

alking about three crowned players getting a youngster in a locked room or people using shirolos and vaxvarna, in challenges, against people less than half their size. Dont give me the \"waaah waaah their big people do it to our small people so we're gonna do it to their small people\" or \"they are off mw so they are fair game\" crap. What... are we 8 year olds in a playground? Do two wrongs make a right now? Do you REALLY think that its appropriate to take a young persons few possessions when they a

re trying to learn their skills no matter what city they are from? And to do so during a CHALLENGE?

Something that shocked me even more was the order of lights attitude to this which is pretty much \"we dont want to be seen as wishy washy so we're going to rock around the lands with no moral standards or ideals whatsoever\".

Heres an idea. Punish the people who strip and torment your ordermates and friends. Stamp them into the ground, take everything they own. I'll even help you bust up their shops and treasure rooms, but do you -really- think that the disgusting little griefers who are tormenting the likes of Aster or Shaith because they can, even CARE if you steal from some kid who has been playing for a month? They dont care enough to help them protect their things so seriously, I doubt very much that they give a s*

No, Light doesnt mean being weak It does mean you should have SOME sort of moral code and fight for what is right and good, else what is there to differentiate you from the followers of evil gods? Crush your enemies. Leave INNOCENT youngsters out of it or you are no better than them.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1307.