Stop trying to be like your friends.

Lightfingers, Choir of Deathto Loreknight Skippie

You generalize too much. I've never abused DDW. EVER.

I am also not an idiot. If using a game mechanic makes someone an idiot, then we're all retarded.

I get his point his point. But it wasnt presented with all the facts, which is typical here in Avalon.

You may try and present yourself like some hardass. It's natural when you're surrounded by people who actually -are- good at what they do. But your type always manage to contradict yourselves while spouting your arrogance. You beg DDW's to issue and accept challenges. When it happens you say, \"someone may not want to fight you because you're a DDW idiot\". Really, man? Really? Refer to my post on the fighters board because you just brought it home for me.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1306.