Loreknight Skippieto Lightfingers, Choir of Death

I think you miss the point of ddw, you find someone that wants to fight you, you issue challenge, if its accepted your ddw gets suspended for the duration of the fighting.

3> If said person does not want to fight you, either cause your a ddw idiot, or because they are busy, does not mean one should rush in to an area, get enemy status, try for a jump, get in trouble from failed jump, rush out of enemy area... get where this is going yet?

I know I know. if not for abuses how are you guys supposed to enjoy the game, and we should all stop bitching about them and let you do what you will.

That's fine by me. just dont bitch when you all get things changed because of it.

waiting for the ol one liner


Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1306.