Lightfingers, Choir of Deathto Everyone


I can understand your frustration if it was properly grounded in fact.

I watched Iuchar issue challenges to Mercs all day long today. I have no shame so I can tell you I know this because I was lesson-whoring and prepping myself for Bardish life which was quite a mundane chore involving shopping and ridding myself of old belongings. I watched multiple challenges come and go.

I distinctly remember chuckling to myself, \"Damn, Iuchar wants to -play- today but nobody's biting. \". Now, don't mistake this for me defending a friend or anything either. I don't know Iuchar. I just know what I saw. Dude played by the rules and Merc wanted nothing to do with it. So, please... stop snitchin'. It's childish.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Leaflost, in the year 1306.