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Normally I would address my posts to you on the fighters board, but I suspect a lot of people don't read that board anymore out of aversion to foggy drivel.

As such, I'm pretty disappointed in you, and in Thakria as a whole, that after a mere couple of weeks of the Parrian and Mercinaen fighters returning to the lands, the \"City of Mirales\" has given up so quickly and with such little resistance.

I came back to HORROR stories of how groups of Thakrians and Silverfallians were mercilessly torturing Parrians and Mercinaens on a daily basis - I am perhaps more than half disappointed to see this is no longer the case.

Mercinae and Parrius should be proud of themselves for enduring during a rough patch of activity - typically Thakria will seize the advantage during this type of downtime and apparently that has happened. It would seem, however, that Thakria has remained true to the form it has displayed over the last sixty years or so - and retreated into virtual non-existence since opposition has presented itself.

WHERE is your self-pride, City of Miracles? What happened to principles and a TRUE desire for dominance - not this half hearted shambles that is also known as 'Only fighting when you can win.'

At risk of sounding like Dunccan, I remember a time when Thakrian fighters would twitch at the mere THOUGHT that their combat prowess was being called into question. Now it appears as though pride and self-betterment are a poor second fiddle compared to what must be the thrill of battering inexperienced fighters and promptly leaving the lands once competent opposition arrives.

-- Salvador

Written by my hand on the 13th of Midsummer, in the year 1306.