Belgarath The Disturbedto Everyone

Greeetings everyone... I know that lately I have been very rude and immature. I talked about raping and so forth, and it has hurt a few people... or a lot, I don't really know. I am sorry for saying the things i said, and doing the things I did. I am more sorry for what I did to Sajora, I know that it was wrong and I should never have done that to you. I would also like to apologize to Genesis, for the awful thing I said about him as well. ALSO, I want to apologise to Lady Ashvani, and Eponatheron for what

I did to them... I'm sorry I am such a disappointment to you. I don't know If i will continue to roam in Avalon much longer... So this might be my first.and last.post. That's all.

find mercinae panic

ignore this. trying to save.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midsummer, in the year 1305.