Dankus Beudeauxto Cutthroat Clara

First Silverfalls has never used huorns. Springdale may have, but we are not Springdale. Every city has just as many of the survivors of Springdale. Second, I have been discussing Parrius's uses of huorns as well as druids overrunning areas to allow huorns to get to Silverfalls legions Rhadamanthys. I didn't ask anyone for help with legions. He came to my location to witness. And when a God goes to you when you are in a legion and he talks it lists him as Commander of the legion. So once again I say th

ink before you talk. What is more likely that the God that is closely associated with the forest was helping me use legions. Or that he wanted to see how the forest was being miss used.

To the honour of the Lion

Field Marshall, Dankus

Written by my hand on the 8th of Springflower, in the year 1302.