I would know how Silverfalls legions have been used.

Dankus Beudeauxto Khursun, Helios Ranger

First off, I am the Silverfalls Field Marshall. I make calls on what our legions do. At no point have I had our legions kill trees. I took soi. Ayiana and Sajora used huorns on us. Check any log you would like. I have made an agreement with the Animists not to attack the forests. And I will stand by my word.

Parrius needs to learn to use their legions and not only attack with huorns. I can show any log you would like showing weeks of Sajora or Ayiana logging in attacking our legions and leaving. Before you accuse Silverfalls of attacking forests talk to someone who has a say so in it. I'm the person who decided to take Kristanisti. Me and my generals work hard to get our legions and train them. I'm tired of seeing Parrius use Huorns instead of there own legions.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that it does hurt the forest. Just like the herb shortage, Sajora and Ayiana using huorns the way they do, is going to cause long term damage to the forests. I have been in contact with the guilds that actually seem to have the forests best interest in mind. The Animists know what I am doing. So what seems more likely, Sajora (a ranger that treats the forest like her pawns) and Ayiana (A ranger who only logs in to use Huorns) are telling the truth? Or the one f

orest guild (Animists) that seems to do the forests good, would be willing to be friendly with me if I was a forest killer?

Parrius and Mercinae may not cut down trees. I will even say that at least Mercinae hasn't been using Huorns since Ayiana is no longer from there. But Parrius bringing Huorns out to fight is the same as if Parrius was cutting them down themselves. I will defend my legions and if that means I have to kill Huorns till no one can pull them any more I will.

To the Honour of the Lion

Field Marshall, Dankus Beudeaux

Written by my hand on the 24th of Cloudburst, in the year 1302.