Cutthroat Clarato Scheming Vesper The Hellraiser


I think you ought to check your history books dear, because the first time huorns were used by any guild in protection of a city, your barons, your prince and your beloved Viresse, were all there cheering them on. Following that, they were used by rogue Druids, except they controlled them whilst sat merged, untouchable i a garden, while 200 huorns could kill 10000 men in seconds. Then they were used by your very own Head Tutor, Maharah, I could go on...

I'm sure Viresse and whoever else will give you their own twisted little version of the history of huorn use, however, if you care to trawl back through bb posts, its all on there.

I'd be interested about deities marshalling legions though...

Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1302.