Thakrian young.

How shameful to send out a citizen who is LW/MW (how he's on both these lists I know not) to aide you in trying to attack me. Is the night sky in Thakria that dreadful?

I was strolling around on the obsidian minding my own business, taking in the majestic towers built by Thakrians of long ago when this small urchin drops an ankh rune at my feet. At first I was taken back finding such a grotesque street vendor in public pawning his silver creations.

Then I had my realization. This was no street vendor, merely a pathetic attempt at destroying my spirit veil companion whom I've grown so fond of.

I was immediately confused however, because you had your Troll with you. I can understand, of course, how laborious it can be to interpret the strange \"language\" leaving his mouth. I suppose the young and innocent are just the easy way to get what you want.

Mopsus . . . if you show me that twisted smile spread across the repugnant mass swelling on your neck again I'll be forced to ensure that you won't be dropping precious silver artifacts at my feet for a while . . . if you don't act like an LW/MW, you won't be regarded as one by me any longer.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Mournsend, in the year 1302.