A Thousand Loose Ends.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

It is fortunate timing that various \"Real Life\" commitments having been

dealt with, I now have until late March to give proper attention to the

thousand loose ends (bugs, exploits, loopholes, imbalances, omissions

of abilities - yes Bards!) in the current iteration of the gamesystem

versus the actual blueprint of 'how it should be' as per the on-paper

designs. I'm going to try to repeat a method we used to good effect

twenty years ago, and see if it works properly in modern Avalon.

I've got a few dozen \"sessions\" or blocks of time, separate to the general

work done on Avalon. These blocks of time, figure a few hours but can

be longer. The idea is that individual players put their names down

on a list (i.e. talk to me) and we both determine a particular

session to belong to that person. Then the player and myself and sometimes

a handful of others (if it's appropriate / if the player wants) go

through all bugfile entries - first pass - and then issues/questions

re: gamesystem and abilities and defences and perceived imbalances

and suggestions, etc. Our aim for the session of time is to kill all the

listed bugs. This is a big part of tying up the thousand loose ends.

I figure a two or three pass process, first bugfile entries, then

gameplay / gamesystem perceived imbalances, areas of concern, and

finally suggestions for additions that are able to be integrated

into the grand design. Typically it is the higher level players who

take up the sessions but I have no problem with smaller players too,

who're just as important in the long run, especially in the second

and third passes.

So: type HELP SESSIONS for info about all this, and instructions how

to put in a claim for a session that suits your timezone; when you're

going to be free to devote 100% attention to it. I'll only be

scheduling sessions when I am likewise 100% free to focus. I'm sure

the benefits of doing things this way are obvious, particularly with

an individual players' bugfile list. Of course this doesn't exclude

the big battlefield tests or any other gamesystem necessities for

achieving the right balance, knocking out all the bugs and loopholes

and exploits, and spreading knowledge about each professions skillset.

If there are any questions about this, ask me directly or can e-mail. Try

not to use MSG as my message file gets so filled up, things get lost

easily in the morass. If you can't figure how to claim a session using

the system commands, then talk to me, we'll work out the best shared time

and I will make sure the time is reserved.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Mournsend, in the year 1302.