Herbs and Poisons.

Carnivorous Safovine, The Maulerto Everyone

Ive heard no news from any Gods about this issue,. Im thinking tho that we may be shooting ourselves in the foot with foraging, we may just be planting to have them foraged.

I have even tried putting flower runes on herbs and poisons in a controled garden setting and they are still either being foraged or withering away. Of course this has been an ongoing issue we have had for over a month, and with no word if its being looked into.

Another issue will be if the gods are going to rely on mortals to replant them it will take a very long time indeed as we need someone who can evoke both poisons and herbs, not to meantion the ammount of essence it will require and time.

If anyone has had any information on this please post it here, be you god or mortal.

Thank you.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Mournsend, in the year 1296.